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Eternity 600

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Eternity 600

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Eternity 600
New Product
Eternity 600 is comprised of a high density flooring grade particle board core, factory bonded with a top sheet of Parklex 3.000 and backed with a galvanised steel sheet with ABS protective edge trim. Parklex 3.000 is a stratified natural timber veneer impregnated with a special resin giving this product excellent wear characteristics and the dimensional stability required for a trouble-free access flooring panel.
Eternity 600 provides an ideal natural wood finish on surfaces subject to high traffic. This product never requires re-finishing and Parklex 3.000 carries a 10-year factory wear guarantee, making it ideal for projects requiring long term performance and low maintenance.

Designed with PFI Projects in mind, Eternity 600 provides a very hard-wearing surface and is virtually maintenance-free to meet the demands of this type of application. This is NOT a laminate. The finish is natural wood, no two panels are the same. With a broad range of colours to choose from, Eternity600 is an ideal choice for any area requiring raised access floor incorporating a floor finish.

Natural Timber Finish
This is NOT a laminate. Parklex is a high-density stratified natural wood veneer that is impregnated with resin and heat and pressure treated filling the cells of the wood material. This provides an extremely hard-wearing material combined with the beauty of natural wood – no two pieces are the same.

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Low Maintenance
Parklex is designed to last. The wear layer is guaranteed to last 10 years and it is simple to clean and maintain.

Eternity 600 provides a fully accessible raised floor void for services and can be accessed at any point for modifications to power, telecom and data. This, combined with an integrated floor finish, provides a truly versatile and flexible system.